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  1. I declare that I am the authorised customer and that I apply for disconnection of electricity and/or hot water to the above address on the terms and conditions set out in this document.
  2. I consent to OC Energy Pty Ltd or its representative taking all steps necessary to disconnect the service, and grant OC Energy Pty Ltd or its representative access to the property for the purpose of obtaining a final meter reading.
  3. I acknowledge that I am responsible for the payment of electricity and/or hot water supplied to the property until such time that I give OC Energy Pty Ltd at least 3 business days written notice of the date on which I vacate or intend to vacate the property, and provide a forwarding address to which a final bill may be sent. If no forwarding address is provided then I agree that I will be responsible for any charges incurred under the Intermediary Sale of Energy Agreement until such time that I provide a forwarding address to OC Energy Pty Ltd.
  4. I understand that a final meter read fee will apply to my vacation of the premises and that this fee will appear on my final account.

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